Welcome to Berlin

Living in a new city is very exciting,
but can also be frustrating at times.

The language and customs are different and something as simple as finding ingredients for your family recipe can be a major task! Have you ever wondered...

Now, there is help to overcome your individual Berlin obstacles!

Having spent many years away from home, I realize how valuable these answers are. As your bilingual relocation coach (German/English), I will help with your everyday questions.

Join the “Berlin Connection” network today and arrange for a personalized tour or service (e.g. shopping for specific items, hands-on help with the German bureaucracy, German lessons…).

Discover what Berlin has to offer and get the answers and support you need at an affordable rate.

For more information you can contact me...
via Email: info@relocationcoach-berlin.com
via phone: +49 (0)30 832 03614

I look forward to help you feel at home!
Stephanie McKinstry-Brooks